In hardly any other region in Switzerland you can still find so numerous high and lowland moors as Entlebuch. 44 highland moors, 61 flat moors and 4 lowand moors characterize the landscape. The moors are among the most valuable habitats of many protected plant and animal species.

This hike brings you to the north flank of the Schrattenflue, a scocky ridge of mountains that suddenly rises out of the pre-Alpine hills of the Emmental and the Napf. No masses of tourists to expect here on this 2-day hike through the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Tällenmoos.


Difficulty: for all                                                                            Gpx Files:  


Day 1: 6h30, 900m up, 815m down
Route: Flühli - Hilferenpass - Bättenalp - Bumbach (18 km)
This hike goes over the Hilferenpass with many wooded hillside paths. As a constant companion the unfamiliar face of Schrattenfluh with its steep, rocky slopes. The moorland Hilferen is a varied landscape: at high altitudes you walk through meadows with dark fir forests and flower-rich fens. In middle layers Moorweiden and spread meadows form a fascinating mosaic.
We spent the night at Gasthof Rosegg which welcomes more locals than tourists but has 15 bedrooms and an unexpected great cuisine.


Day 2: 3 hours, 480m up, 300m down
Route: Kemmeriboden Post - Salwideli - Sörenberg (10 km)
From Gasthof Rosegg there are many options. You can choose to hike in direction of Inneriz/Säge (3 hours), but the way back to Flühli with bus and train is very tricky. We chose to explore Schrattenfluh from the other side to Sörenberg. We decided to take the bus from Bumbach (8min., 200m from the Gasthof) to Kemmeriboden.
We crossed further moors and enjoyed the much easier paths to hike. It seems locals like walking in this area with their families on Sunday, as we met many more people than the day before.
An absolute highlight was the Lädeli from Anita and Pius Schmid, about one hour from Kemmeriboden. It's a self service market with local products like honey, marmelades, liqueurs, meringues, and other self-made organic products.
A few kilometers further, we had a coffee at one of the bars/restaurants that we missed on the first day (take enough food and water with you!). 
From Sörenberg, a bus drove us back to Flühli in less than 10 minutes. It's also possible to end the hike at Hirsegg (see gpx file), then the bus drive is even shorter.





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