The Doubs river splits France and Switzerland over 70 km and a national park protects it and its surroundings. A hiking path "95 Chemin au fil du Doubs" enables you to walk full four days with overnights in wonderful places. We did the first two legs.


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Day 1: 6 hours, 300m up, 480m down
Route: Les Brenets, Le Châtelot, Maison Monsieur (18km)
You need 2 hours by car or train from Zurich to reach Les Brenets via La Chaux-de-Fond. If you park your car in La Chaux-de-Fond, beware the parking fees that can rise up to 35 CHF per day!
Once you reach Les Brenets, we recommend to take the boat for 20 min, the walking path brings you there anyway (in 30 min). A first stop at Bar de l'Absinthe before continuing the walk on the French side, because in the morning the sun is on the French side. Soon you reach the 27m waterfalls of Les Sauts-du-Doubs. You continue walking along the river until the watergate, shortly after a natural watergate allows you to go back to the Swiss side. From here, always follow the "95" signs.
Once arrived in Maison Monsieur, you can end the hike and take the bus or taxi to La Chaux-de-Fond (20 min).

















Day 2: 6 hours, 640 m up, 760m down
Route: Maison Monsieur, Biaufond, La Goule, Goumois
From Maison Monsieur, where you can stay for 30CHF and have an excellent dinner, the second day brings you to more various landscapes as the river broadens up. Many boards along the way explain the history of the river and its industrial times.
Once arrived in Goumois, you can take the bus to Saignelégiers and then the train to la Chaux-de-Fond (1h30).





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