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Aletsch Glacier


Two days under the spell of the Great Aletsch Glacier. Sensational scenic tour with many vantage points onto the longest glacier in the Alps. The grey-white of ice and rock contrasting with shades of green in the Aletschwald (forest) provides stunning scenic beauty.

23 km of ice in one piece! The Great Aletsch Glacier is the biggest and longest ice stream in the Alps. The glacier has shaped the majestic high-Alpine landscape of the Jungfrau, Aletsch and Bietschhorn over thousands of years. The region has been aUNESCO World Heritage since 2001. The Aletschbord at Hotel Belalp is the classic vantage point on the lower part of the mammoth mass of ice. The glacier snout, Massaschlucht (gorge), Gibidum reservoir below and the Aletschwald (forest) opposite make you hungry for more.

The Aletsch-Panoramaweg is a two-day tour from Belalp to Fiescheralp. A tour with sensational views, the focus always on the Aletsch Glacier. Unstable moraine slopes are a result of climate change. The124m-long hanging bridge over the 50m-deep Massaschlucht (gorge) provides a safe link on the path from Belalp to Riederalp, where the Villa Cassel houses the Aletsch Pro-Natura Centre, gateway to the World Heritage. The Aletschwald is under a conservation order and has many centuries-old Swiss stone pines and a wealth of flora and fauna to discover.

Spectacular views from the vantage points at Hohfluh, Moosfluh and the Bettmerhorn top station, set in the icy heart of the World Heritage. The ice stream winds elegantly past three- and four-thousand metre summits, while the path leads over stone steps and slabs down to the Märjelensee lake. Drifting ice floes give an arctic air, cotton grasses and small tarns soften the landscape. Anyone taking the aerial cableway up to the Eggishorn will literally have the Aletsch Glacier at their feet. As well as the 360° panorama, views extend over the entire unbroken 23 km of ice.
















2-day tour from Belalp to Fischeralp with overnight in Riederalp


Difficulty: for experienced hikers


Day 1: Belalp - Hängebrücke - Riederalp, 4h30 

Day 2: Riederalp - Bettmergrat - Roti Chumma - Märjelensee - Fiescheralp, 4h00


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