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This is one of the smallest countries in the world. From the mountains, you can see basically all borders and overlook four countries from one place! 

Please note that some passages require some good physical condition. If you are not afraid of heights, this tour is for you!


Difficulty: for experienced hikers


Day 1: 7 hours, 1600 m up, 1000m down
Route: Planken 800m - Gafadurahütte 1428m (3 h) - Sarojasattel - Drei Schwestern 2053m – Garsellikopf 2105m - Kuegrat 2123m - Gafleisattel 1848m - Fürstensteig – Silum 1469m - Kulm 1433m - Sücka 1400m (4 h)
The climb to Gafadurahütte takes place mostly in the shady forest. Arriving at the Gafadurahütte, you can enjoy a rest and a splendid view. Next we go along the Three Sisters Way and the Fürstensteig which is the classic mountain hike in Liechtenstein. The tour is for sure-footed hikers only. The Three Sisters trail (opened in 1898) and the Fürstensteig are bold and great-scale mountain climbing, which are connected by a beautiful and promising Gratweg.The Kuhgrat, the highest point of the first walking day, offers excellent views of the Rätikon and the Swiss and Vorarlberg mountains. Unforgettable are also the view down to the villages along the Rhine to Lake Constance and the magnificent flora. The first day ends in Sücka where you can sleep at Hotel Restaurant Steg (1301m) for the night.

















Day 2: 7 hours, 1390 m up, 1190m down
Route: Sücka 1400m – Chrüppel 1720m - Heubüal 1936m - Kolme 1950m - Goldlochspitz 2110m - Gapfahl 1800m - Bäramang (Naaftal) 1670m - Pfälzer Hütte 2108m (4h20) - Malbuner Täli - Malbun 1600m (2h40)
From Sücka we strive on a beautiful mountain trail along the ridge of the "Rappenstein". The idyllic Pfälzerhütte is a highlight, not only because it is a great place for lunch - also for the breathtaking panoramic view. After the break we follow a narrow trail through the Malbuner Täli and march down to Malbun.







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