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Few places illustrate the history of the Alps as impressively as the UNESCO World Heritage Site near Elm. Unique formations bear witness to the awesome power of nature when the continents of Africa and Europe collided. 

Clearly visible from a great distance: the distinctive notch around the Piz Sardona separates the 250-million-year-old Verrucano rock from the 35 to 50 million years “young” Flysch rock. Extraordinary is that ancient stone formations overlie those that are millions of years younger - which was long an enigma for geologists, and a fact so unique that led it to the addition of the Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona on the Unesco World Heritage list in 2008. 

The Glarus overthrust, particularly attractive to discover around the Martin’s Hole, forms the heart of the 300 square meter Sarganserland- Walensee-Glarnerland Geopark. You hike here on sediments that deposited over millions of year at sea ground!!!


Difficulty: medium/high (snow passages even in Summer, steep passages)                   


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Hiking time: 6 hours, 1050m up, 850m down
Route: Elm Station, Tschlinglen Alp, Segnaspass 2627m, Naraus (10km)
You need 2h20 by train from Zurich to reach Elm Station via Schwanden. Count another 30 minutes to walk to the Talstation Tschinglenbahn and take the cable car there. You can also decide to walk but you will need 1 hour and add 440m altitude difference to your hike ;-)
Until you reach Segnaspass, it goes all the way up. No forests to go through, but a fantastic landscape with the motivation to get closer to Martin's Hole. THe award comes at the top with a spendid view and the Mountain Lodge, where you can drink and eat delicious things. 
The second part of the hike is logically the descent, and that's where you need to be careful. The landscape is totally different and the last part looks like a magic valley with the splendid Segnasboden waterfall. 
You will arrive at the Naraus Sesselbahn. If you want to save the 23 CHF (!) to go down to Flims, you can also here elongate the hike and enjoy the forests that you might have missed before.
From Flims Dorf, bus  81 drives you in 30 minutes to Chur, where you can take the train back to Zurich.





Segnaspass route
View from Segnaspass
Fuorcla dil Segnas Sura
Martin's Hole
Flem valley
Waterfall Segnasboden
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