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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

I started officially my mission in North East Asia on past Wednesday, April 1st. I am sent there to focus on the service activities of my company in three countries: South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

After several months of preparation, bags are packed. But due to the restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, my travel start is being delayed, and delayed... In each country, new measures are taken almost every week. They concern flights, but also might restrict my mobility in the three countries and my interactions with colleagues, clients and partners. My mood swaps very often from "Boarding the plane soon!" to "Cancel the whole Thing!".

My first destination is Seoul. I know the city a bit. And most importantly: I can count on the advice and support of special persons living there..

Before I can post my own things, I like to share these impressions taken by Manuel Meurisse shortly after my last Seoul visit in 2016 -

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