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Easter announcement

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Here are some video news about my quarantine in German. Here the translation:

Today is Easter Sunday. I wish you all Happy Easter and I hope you are all safe and keep fit.

I started my quarantine in Korea three days ago. I stay in a hotel at the Cheong Pung-ho lake, about 200km east of Seoul.

In fact it is a holiday destination – in the video I show a body jumping crane, a suspension bridge and an event hall that is supposed to remind of Sydney… Also in the back a gondola lift brings tourists to the summit of the mountain.

No hotel staff is in the hotel. Government employees work here, they all wear white protection suits and safety masks. One foreigners like me are brought to the hotel from the airport, they make sure that every person receives meals and follows the rules (including reporting body temperature twice per day). Announcements are made in written and via the corridors. The meal plates remind me every day that “you are not alone” followed by positive sayings like “the human race has one really effective weapon and that is laughter”. As I have an app to translate corean phrases on images, I could translate an important phrase written on one of the four sanitizer gel bottles: “death test success”.

As I changed room on the first day, I forgot my toilet paper roll. It took some time until I get new ones, but now I am safe again J

I work a lot, and use the time to get prepared to my assignment. As Wifi works very well, I am glad to stay in touch with all of you. Don^t hesitate to like this post, to leave comments or to contact me.

All the Best to you.

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