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My quarantine can begin

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

24 hours after departure - I am in Jecheon, 200 kilometers south-east of my targeted destination Seoul.

Nothing to be proud of. Most of you are fighting against COVID19 by staying at home. I travelled 7'000 km, exposed myself and arrived in a country where obviously foreigners contributed to a new wave of infections in the past days.

I left Martin in an empty airport in Zurich. Nine passengers on board. And a complete cabin crew. The airline company is obviously securing its slots for the future and is supported by a rich Arabic country. The crew deserves much respect for ensuring that lost people around the world get repatriated to their families.

I met some of those lost people on my connecting flight from Doha. Mostly US-Koreans without residence permit. For eight of them, for me, the COVID19 test, done in the same circumstances than in a Hollywood pandemic movie. Scary.

Tens of forms to fill in. Many hours of waiting followed. The nine of us sat in a bus. Wearing my mask at all times was an additional torture to the lack of information.

Finally, I made it. I can start my mission in Asia.

The short movie shows impressions in the airplane, in the bus and at quarantaine center.

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