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Christmas message

Dear friends,

As for so many of you, my Christmas will be different than any others before. I will spend it in Japan, far away from my beloved ones.

Since my release from quarantine, many things happened. Hence there are several videos to watch here ;-)

First, I present my new workplace and impressions of Tokyo (mainly taken from Shinjuku area) that I gathered mainly thanks to Takuya, Masaki, Rob and Ryan. With takes of a traditional wedding, archery and martial art. More of Japanese art in my next blog ;-)

More of everyday life in Tsuzuki, a neighborhood of Yokohama, is shown below thanks to Macha, a very nice person that I met along a Meetup event two weeks ago.

Finally, and matching well with Christmas feeling, I visited two illumination parks that are very popular in Japan and really are magical places.

With this, I wish you all merry Christmas!

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