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Bye bye quarantine!

Tomorrow I will leave the Cheongpung hotel and the fantastic landscapes (the comparison with the Vierwaldstättersee lake in Switzerland matches well) to finally meet my colleagues in the Seoul office.

Martin and some friends (and myself) wondered how I could keep the good mood over two weeks in full isolation and without being allowed to trespass the room entrance door. I explain in the video that I set up a daily program each day, with the rewards I mentioned in the former video, and good discipline. Much easier to set up this in a new environment than at home where you must first quit your habits.

You made the rest, dear friends and family. Then social contacts - no matter if email, video call, chat or SMS - made me laugh, talk, interact, hope, love, dream, feel.

The major issue was splitting work and leisure. Almost impossible, especially as my European colleagues get active when I am done with my tasks in Asia. „Work distancing“ was a topic at the webinar I attended yesterday, which is key to consider for all of us in this home office era.

I finish the video by explaining how a book influences my way of seeing things. The title: Wabi Sabi. More to follow in upcoming videos.

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