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Andong & Buyeo: lotus flowers & a traditional village

Andong is about 180km south-east of Seoul, Buyeo is 140km south of Seoul. Both cities are famous for their culture and history. I joined a group of foreigners living in South Korea for this 2-day bus trip with the intention to learn a bit more about the rural areas far away from the bug cities. Summer is a perfect season to see lotus flowers blossoming. The artificial pond you will see in the video has been specially created to host various species. The previous video shows as well many lotus flowers in the Buddhist temple, as Buddha has reborn on a lotus leaf. What else to see in the video: my first tea ceremony, the longest wooden bridge of Korea, steamed rice cooking and the royal residences of Baekje and Silla 1400 years ago, rebuilt for the movie “Ballad of Seodong” (2005).

Here an extract of the movie:

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