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Praying for Buddha

My second hike brought me to Gwanaksan mountain and more particularly to two temples as celebrations were organized to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. Hoapsa temple was indeed crowded. Its foundation was closely related with the effort of Seoul’s founders to banish evil forces (represented by the tiger). In the video I show Seokgusang, an animal statue that I thought to be a dog - but it’s perhaps a lion 🙈. It‘s role is exactly to suppress the „fire energy“ and to protect Seoul from fires.

Apart from stunning views, friendly hikers eager to pose with me at quite exposed peaks and to teach me the meaning of some statues of a Chinese yogi that came to Sammak temple to meditate, the film shows my state of mind, silent and respectful observer of what happened in these two temples.

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Coucou Romain, merci pour ce magnifique reportage ! Les temples sont magnifiques et c'est joliment décoré avec toutes ces lanternes ! Quelle chance tu as de pouvoir faire de si belles randonnées pendant que nous sommes confinés et limités à 1km autour de chez nous ! Merci pour cette belle évasion !

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