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Election Day

Today Koreans vote for a new parliament and for this reason it is a public holiday.

It didn‘t have any influence on the course of my day - which has four highlights: the meals served at 8:30AM, 12PM and 6PM. And Martin‘s call.

I spend some of my non-working time at decoding Corean words. Today I wondered what the meaning of Samsung (one of the big Corean cha-bol) was. I learned it meant “three stars” (the founder of the company had three children).

Else you can see in the video various pictures of my meals, a sweet surprise bag delivered this morning, and the way I try to stay fit in my room.

I hope you like.

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Coucou Romain, ravie de suivre ton nouveau périple ! Beaucoup de riz dans tes menus ... c'est bon ? Comment se passent tes journées ? Pas trop longues ?

Me gusta
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