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Buddha‘s birthday 서옥가 당진 일

April 30th will be a public holiday in South Korea. Buddhism being the main religion with Christianity, the entire country will be illuminated with colorful lanterns that symbolically convey the wisdom and compassion of the sage. The temples that I visited yesterday and that you see still empty in this video will be transformed into kaleidoscopes of colors and host traditional performances.

My need to move my body after the quarantine brought me to the Bukhan mountain on the northern periphery of Seoul, a very poupular place for hikers (they have better hiking outfits than most Swiss hikers, pay attention in the video). I was deeply impressed by the number of flowers in the trees and the fantastic views - Fine dust concentration was pretty high though and hence not so clear views.

Hiking trails in Korea are usually very well marked and equipped with toilets. I also explain that social pressure is big here to wear a mask. As a foreigner I feel obliged to respect this and greeted with a 언영하서요 other (often happily surprised) hikers like in Switzerland.

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Magnifique ! Tant les temples que la nature et les chemins de randonnée ! Merci de nous avoir fait partager ta superbe excursion ! Bizzz, Aurore

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